One Night in L.A.

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One- PDFnight stands can be very erotic, and encounters with strangers whom you might never see again can be very exciting. One Night in L.A. PDF EBook Colin, who is in L.A. for business, has the curious nature to go for just such an adventure. Luckily, he finds someone who is interested - in fact, Alfie is more than happy to go with him.

The encounter between these two men who meet in a bar is very hot. Neither of them keep their clothes on for very long, and even though their passion is purely physical, there is a little more between them. Maybe I am reading things into the situation, maybe it is because it's Alfie's first time, but the mood between them seems to promise more. Who knows whether that is true? It's not really important for these two, since they are all about having fun now; download; never mind the future.

If you like short, very hot erotic interludes, if you enjoy reading about strangers heating up the sheets, and if you're looking for a light read that focuses on the physical, you will probably like this free short story. Like this book? Read online this: The Ultimate Erotic Short Story Collection 6, Night Storm (Night Trilogy, #3).

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