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Thankfully this only took two lunch breaks to read. Online Diaries PDF EBook I'll sum it up:
Mike Watt: complains about driving, tour vans and his knees.
Dave Yow: luckily only contributes a few lines.
Beck: thankfully he is a gifted song writer because from the looks of his entries he probably can't do much else.
Courtney Love: exactly what you'd expect from her. Mostly just spends her entries airing her dirty laundry.
Steven Malkmus: sort of funny, sadly only had one entry.
Lee Renaldo: seems to be the only person who can string together real thoughts. Tour is a long time to spend with very little to do. Lee seemed to actually be capable of pondering real things.
Thurston Moore: complains about the venues, the lack of good mexican food, the mismanagement of the tour, their performances, Courtney Love, their reviews, radio stations, "alternative music", etc etc etc. One of my favorite entries is where he talks about how young some of the audience members are and how its crazy that the festival is their first real concert, then he does on to talk about how he just turned 36 and how long he has been playing music, he finally wraps it up by saying how during their set that night he compared Sonic Youth to an obscure experimental music movement from NY that took place earlier in the century but he got bummed out because no one got the reference. OK buddy.

Some commonalities: everyone LOVES pavement, everyone LOVES the bosstones (guarantee no one fesses up to that now), and Elastica were a good replacement for Sinead O'Connor.
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