Only for One Night

PDF EBook by Linda Carroll-Bradd

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New Year's Eve cruise—festive atmosphere—magical starry sky. Only for One Night PDF EBook Can wishes on a diamond- PDFbright star bring together two lonely souls? Brant Mackay reacts as any firefighter would at a woman teetering on the ship's railing—he pulls her to safety. But Callista Quinlan doesn't need saving—she has to toss her late husband's ashes overboard and get on with her life. A life that doesn't involve living with a risk-taker. From the moment Brant's and Callista's gazes connect, they're intrigued and interest sparks. They make a pact to explore the ship's entertainment—but only for one night. Before the night is over, Brant contemplates getting Callista to change her mind. Callista enjoys how well they get along until a shipboard disaster reveals Brant's profession. Can she overcome her fear of danger to give their relationship a chance? Like this book? Read online this: God Doesn't Make Mistakes, Night Storm (Night Trilogy, #3).

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