Opening Minds

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Hein starts off with an exceedingly dull discussion of man creating mechanical time and then the detrimental effects that this has had on us as it permeates everything. Opening Minds PDF EBook Things speed up in chapter 4 with anecdotal stories about remote viewing done by Hein or his friends. (For those interested in the topic, read anything by Lyn Buchanon or David Morehouse. They'll actually help you learn the protocol.) Then, he discusses crop circles. The interesting part of this discussion is that paranormal activity (unexplained lights, ufos, technological malfunctions) is observed around crop circles regardless of their origin. The author personally assisted in the formation of a few circles and then observed elevated energy levels in the following days. He asserts that the formations manipulate subtle energies and then we are able to physically observe results afterwards. I haven't thought about crop circles in that manner and it is an interesting idea. If the experiments can be replicated, what would that mean for the study of multiple dimensions and subtle energy... Like this book? Read online this: Circles of Hope, Opening the Scriptures.

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