Our Bodies, Ourselves for the New Century

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Our Bodies, Ourselves by The Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, claims to have “served as a way for women, across ethnic, racial, religious and geographical boundaries, to start examining their health from a perspective that will bring about change”. Our Bodies, Ourselves for the New Century PDF EBook This may ring true through most of the chapters in this text. However, on the topic of abortion, a political firestorm against religious fundamentalists and anti- PDFabortion groups is unleashed.

Unplanned pregnancies follow birth control methods, and sexually transmitted diseases, appropriately. Only seven pages are devoted to making a decision. Brief entries on counseling, adoption, abortion and preparing for the birth are the entire contents of this section. The following section on abortion rights and methods covers twenty-nine full pages. The chapter begins, “Unless women can decide whether and when to have children, it is difficult for us to control our lives or to participate fully in society”. The author then states that for this reason, “women have always used abortion as a means of fertility control”. My answer – control your sex drive, practice abstinence.

Rather inappropriately, the text finishes up with pregnancy and childbirth, followed by growing older, selected medical procedures and the politics of women’s health and medical care. The text spurs on the politically motivated fight for “choice” (i.e. murder of an infant) through and through. Until mainstream feminism can disengage itself from supporting such a horrid practice and battle cry, many women like me will be left disgusted by the one-sided tirades of so-called feminists. Abortion as birth control should not be so commonplace. It should be a last resort and it should not be taken so lightly. In this “choice”, a human life is destroyed – that is the bottom line. Making abortion rights a rallying cry of the feminist movement is a mistake. Like this book? Read online this: Abortion and the Politics of Motherhood, Updated with a New Preface, Shapely Bodies.

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