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I had to get through this for my KS3 teaching - PDFI have a big pile of plays to read for next term and so I'm going to be posting a lot of them currently! I read this in one go and it was enjoyable. Our Day Out PDF EBook I liked the "nothing changes" finale and I can think of some methods of teaching it next term already...

However, in my mind it's up against "Face" and "Ostrich Boys" and so it's up against tough competition. I found it quite dated too. The notion of their being no factories to work in when you finish school isn't as frightening -it's the norm! Likewise the analogy and picture it crafts isn't that striking -in reality most of my classes are sadly like this. It's just a shame it dates so badly and a lot of the humour and irony is lost.

It is a fairly inspitational piece and not without merits, only I feel there's stronger and more modern pieces that are available to Year 9 drama teachers... Like this book? Read online this: You Can Read a Face Like a Book, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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