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It's a long time ago I last were this conflicted as what to rate a book. Our Haunted Planet PDF EBook On one hand, if I measure a book's quality by how well it fulfils the purpose with which it was created, I have to declare "Our Haunted Planet" an absolute failure in my eyes at least. On the other hand, if I measure it by its sheer entertainment value and not just that which the author intended... let's make it clear that I've fully understood why this ostensibly non- PDFfiction book was categorized as science-fiction by the public library system here in Denmark: It's certainly more entertaining than most such books that *know* they're fiction!

Basically, in this book John Keel tries to solve every mystery that plagued science and history at the novel's publication date by positing the existence of a pre-human highly technological civilization here on Earth that still survives in unexplored areas of the planet. These "ultraterrestrials", as he calls them, have supposedly shaped our cultures from when we lived in caves to this day even though most traces of their existence were wiped away by one of the Ice Ages.

I'm not sure what my "favourite" part is.

Maybe it's where he rightfully rails against most UFO investigators for their lack of scientific rigour, only to then provide source references for no more than half of his claims and also use a writing style that makes it impossible to tell how he arrived at his conclusions.

Maybe it's where he claims that the Roma people were created by the ultraterrestrials to act as their intermediaries among humanity, and that's the *real* reason the Roma have been persecuted so much through their history.

Maybe it's where he takes semi-literally the claims of certain royal dynasties to divine descent by taking them as the result of ultraterrestrial/human hybridisation.

Maybe it's where he rather early on admits to borrowing the central concept from a science-fiction novel. (H. G. Wells' "The Shape of Things to Come")

The funniest/weirdest/scariest part might be how "Our Haunted Planet" is to this day regarded among ufologists (or should that be ufoologists?) as one of the more sober and down-to-earth of the discipline's foundational texts. Considering how many of Keel's ideas are basically Theosophy repackaged for the Woodstock generation, though, it would however not surprise me if Hawkwind happen to have recorded a kick-ass song about it... Like this book? Read online this: The Kingfisher Young People's Book of Planet Earth, Haunted.

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