Outbreak (Code Red, #3)

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Must say I'm surprised by how much i truly enjoyed this book. Outbreak (Code Red, #3) PDF EBook There where a few eye rolling coincidence moments towards the end but over all what a remarkable story about strong willed and incredible individuals!
I still think it seems a little egotistical for Chris Ryan to have his name in such ginormous print on all his books - PDF other much more famous writers seem to do well enough without resorting to this type of thing, But for now I'll try not to pass judgement and just sit confused pondering as to the possible reasons why....

Anyways throughout this book there where hints and nuggets of information about previous books to do with Ben - Seems impossible, how can anywhere else be as fantastically dangerous as Africa? so I'm quite intrigued. Especially how one is based in Australia. So I'm going to hunt those down.

As for this book, I'm going to rate it a solid 4 stars based purely on enjoyment and ignore all the other details of a rating system. Fun Read.

Enjoy action and kids surviving the almost impossible?
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