Pathfinder Adventure Path #25

PDF EBook by Sean K. Reynolds

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The Council of Thieves Adventure Path starts with a bang in the crumbling metropolis of Westcrown, former capital of Cheliax, a once- PDFproud empire now reduced to political infighting and ruled by a revolutionary aristocracy in league with the vilest devils of Hell. Pathfinder Adventure Path #25 PDF EBook Decadent nobles and desperate rebels face off against a backdrop of crumbling buildings and badly eroded stability. When a gang of devil-blooded bandits called the Bastards of Erebus threaten Westcrown's delicate status quo, the heroes must face sinister beasts of shadow, relentless armored Hellknights, and whispered rumors of a return to power of the city's legendary criminal guild. What mysterious force is pulling the strings of the shadowy Council of Thieves, and what do its machinations mean for the heroes and all of Cheliax itself? A 3.5/Pathfinder RPG adventure for first-level characters. This is it The first chance to get involved in a Pathfinder campaign using the newest Pathfinder RPG rules innovations Don't get left behind in the next great step forward for tabletop roleplaying games Like this book? Read online this: Pathfinder Adventure Path #33, Pathfinder Adventure Path #46.

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