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Patricia Hearst was kidnapped from her home in Berkeley, CA on February 4, 1974 by the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). Patty Hearst PDF EBookShe was kept as a “prisoner of war” by the SLA in a closet for fifty- PDFseven days.When she was allowed to exit the closet she was given the options of joining the SLA or death, and she chose to join the movement.Hearst participated in a bank robbery with the SLA where she was identified, and she later participated in communications with the press stating that she had joined the revolution “voluntarily,” rather than under duress and fear of death.The press believed her communications and she was caught, tried and sentenced to prison, but was later released on a presidential commutation.This information is readily available in many sources, but Hearst’s actual thoughts, feelings, and experiences while working with the SLA are contained in this book.She begins by talking about her childhood, which, initially, seems “bourgeois” but later the reader can understand that she was using this information to counter statements by others that she was always a “rebel” and had joined the SLA deliberately and had actually directed her own kidnapping.This book reads like a novel about some poor soul, but at times the reader stops and remembers that this was actually her life. Like this book? Read online this: Heaven is Real, Heaven Exists; Proof of Life-after Death; Real stories of Near-death experiences. (Book 1), Patty Gayle and the Legend of Kingsley.

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