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I first discovered Paul Cadmus in the 1970's when I saw a painting in a magazine called "Sailors and Floozies" (1938) that didn't depict our boys valiantly fighting Tojo for Mom and Apple Pie, but passed out drunk with hookers of questionable gender mauling them. Paul Cadmus PDF EBookThat was pretty strong stuff back then - PDF given our post 9/11 fanaticism it's still considered blasphemy.

The outrage of Cadmus' art never seems to diminish. Cadmus classically composed images recalls memories of American life that are disturbingly true to life and refuses ot blow smoke up people's asses, he is the anti-Norman Rockwell, killing sentimentality for truth.

Some of the best pieces are:
Shore Leave (gobs partying, watch those manly hookers!) - 1933
YMCA Locker Room & download; Horseplay (doughy, ugly Bowery Boys lookin' guys nekkid) - 1933
The Fleet's In! (more drunk servicemen crusin' for p"ssy) - 1934
Herrin Massacre (strike breakers killing strikers with a pichfork and bloody pipes) - 1940
Finistere, The Bath, The Shower, & Point O' View (lots of male nudes with surprisingly dark backgrounds) - 1943

I could go and on, but the point is that Cadmus' subject matter and never failed to provoke and disturb. Paul Cadmus artwork was light years ahead of its time and is absolutely worthy of any art fan's attention. Like this book? Read online this: The Warburg Years (1919-1933), Paul.

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