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As well as the excellent review in ‘The Short Review’ the charming cover looked Beatle- PDFish (from the Magical Mystery tour era; download; although it is in fact the author’s own work/design and based on Caravaggio’s ‘The Incredulity of Saint Thomas’) and there was a story called ‘The Jon Lennin Xperience’, so a Beatles fan like me was bound to be interested. Pee on Water PDF EBook And that story is fascinating – a computer game based on Lennon in which you can share an ice cream with Paul or perform cunnilingus on Yoko (lovely). I liked others too, the very fine ‘The Kid’ a drug dealer-and-his-girlfriend story,succinctly done, and one where Tom, the narrator’s boyfriend somehow represents the country: He 9-11ed. It hit his upper body and he tumbled. He was in a plane and felt queasy. He stood tall next to his twin and they both caught fire. I’m used to reading about dysfunctional families so the totally functional family in ‘The Totems are Grand’ where they carve trees, work as a team, in tribute to their dying grandmother came as a shock. There are stories about monkeys in space, about the evolution of the world (the title story).I liked them all, all had interesting, wobbly things to say:Parks make trees a fetish thing.. butoften they read not like stories but meditations/riffs on war, money, nature, or art (eg Children tend to add a curlicue of smoke upon the addition of a chimney.. in China, there are no curlicues..). Representations of Christ lead to Cobain’s voice and how digital appropriation can be a form of 4th dimensional rape, as in the mash-up of Ludacris’s ‘What’s Your Fantasy’ and Kylie Minogue’s 'Can’t Get You out of My Head’. I kind of got prickly sometimes, sometimes didn’t know what to make of them. They’re good though, they’ll lead you away from your seat and up several strange alleys and you’ll probably look for more by Ms Glaser. I will.

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