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Are you ready for Pegasus ? Are you still pursuing it or. Pegasus PDF EBook... Overall, this novel is Fantastic!

Disclaimer: I was given an advance review copy by the author. This review is unbiased and only in my honest opinion.

This is my first time reading this novel by James L Hill. I liked some of the quotes in this story, and there is one quote that I like the most, "Yeah, Zack only been with the company three years, he doesn't know about all the double crosses yet" - PDF Bob Marshall

This short quote tells me that Zack will be facing lots of human-relationship challenges. So be warned, Zack. The worst has yet to come.

This novel sets in the year 2040s where two characters, Zack and Zuri going on a journey to New Eden on Pegasus. This book is really to find hope from stars located in the depth of space as Earth is on the brink of despair from it's resources depletion. All these are Earth's price to pay due to a corrupt government. All these corporations on Earth are for profits and losses. They will do whatever it takes to increase their profits. To me, this is a sad scene, and I hope that Earth will not suffer into the wrong hands in real in 2040s.

Zack is the main character for this novel. This character is just like any other normal person that have thoughts of having a family with his beloved girlfriend, Zuri and to settle down on the colony. He works for United Space Industries. A corporation that cares for profits at the expense of mankind. The author has put reasonable effort to create Zack this character and I truly felt that this character does reflect his impulsivenss, caring towards around him especially his beloved Zuri. In short, Zack is the kind of person you want on a ship when things began to turn ugly. He's really a life-saver at times.

There is another character I want to share, that is Gen. Christopher Newton. This person is rather a no nonsense person that you won't want to mess around with. His decisions are firm, tough, but caring at nature. This is the person that would help to bring hope to the team.

For this novel, I like the way James described how space, the ship, Pegasus, the trip to Eden so vividly. The whole plot is well-structured and written. Although there some tense moments such as explosion scenes, disagreements, loss, and fighting for survival. The plot is simple to follow, and the writing style is so easy to understand. There are situations that caught me by surprises. I really like what I have read of this novel.

To me, this novel is best for readers that are seeking some sci-fi escapes, colony civilization building, love, compassionate, and some actions to it. Although this novel is a sci-fi action thriller, I believe most women would like to read as the female character, Zuri is a strong woman with a sense of direction and independence. If you like what I have said, you will surely get lots of entertainment and enjoyment out of this novel.

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you'll definitely get lots of entertainment out of this novel.

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If there's one thing I'd change about this book, it would be having a clear direction of how Zack and Zuri might end up. As this author is rather new to me, I hope his future development of characters to be more balanced and depth. Overall, he has made great attempts to deliver a great novel that I enjoyed in one afternoon sitting.

I read this novel on my iPad kindle app with ease. I do not have problem with the formatting and paragraphs layout. I liked the overall presentation, although there are some gaps in believe words. Well, it is nothing as compared to a great book with a great story.

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