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The main argument of this book revolves around the idea that the 'early Welsh sources' of Arthurian legend are likely to be the correct ones, and focuses on trying to situate a sixth- PDFcentury Arthur within the Welsh context. Pendragon PDF EBookThis is great and, as someone who lives in the Welsh hills, it's not a stretch to say that no place seems more suited to Arthuriana than these desolate and misty mountains.The problem is that for all Blake and Lloyd are passionate about these early Welsh texts, they hardly quote from them at all.I'd have loved to see more basic information about these texts and be able to read some extracts from them, and that would also have served to give this book the solid ground to stand on which it seems to lack.The rest of their argument - looking at place names, fitting the location to what we know from the legend, looking at any actual finds which may or may not exist from there - was incredibly interesting, but I definitely felt that it needed more of a basis.If you're well read in these Welsh texts and thus don't need a re-cap, then this book is probably excellent.

It also felt too quick to dismiss certain facts and traditions without giving the readers much of an explanation for this.The grave site at Glastonbury, for example, is automatically talked of as something which has been fabricated, but this argument would benefit from an explanation or two.This lack of explanation seemed even more strange given that the most convincing argument Blake and Lloyd present is for the burial of Arthur near Rhyd Llanfair.The combination of an early graveyard found there combined with the references to Vera Historia had me perfectly convinced and, if I'm completely honest, rather keen to jump in my car and drive over to explore the site for myself.I hope that some keen archaeologists latch onto this idea some time soon and we hear of some proper excavations taking place: it seems strange that, as somewhere that could quite feasibly be Arthur's burial place, no one has yet done this.

Overall, an interesting read, but may come across as somewhat indecipherable to those unfamiliar with Wales and the Welsh language, and it would have benefitted greatly from slowing down to explain the sources they're working with.It has, however, left me keen to do more investigating of these Welsh sources... and to take a little trip up to North Wales sometime soon. Like this book? Read online this: British Goblins - Welsh Folk-Lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions, Pendragon's Banner (Pendragon's Banner Trilogy, #2).

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