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I thoroughly enjoyed this, led into the 20th century history of primarily American crimes, mostly murders (or missing persons). Perfect Victims PDF EBook Being non- PDFAmerican, I hadn't heard of many of these.

The author's opinions on some crimes - JFK and JonBenet, for example, are interesting and thought-provoking, based on his own reading of many crime books on these and other crimes.

Some of the more famous serial murderers are left out of this book, however, so those looking for more detail on these specific crimes may be mislead a little by the term "serial killer" on the front cover.

Although I felt by the end a little of the death by numbers/bullet points, I appreciated the round-up and thoughts towards true crime books, media and the positive and negative influences of these on our society. Like others, I didn't agree with some opinions espoused by James - in particularly his suggestion that Michael Jackson was only a celebrity within LA at the time of the pedeophilic assertions - James needs to have looked outside of America during the 2000's to see how that news took down under and Europe by storm. In the author's own rating system, I would personally have given the MJ case (including the latest) a much higher celebrity rating than suggested.

A great book for criminology students looking at crime history, influences, and public perception, and perhaps journalists considering how detailed our crime stories should or should not be. Like this book? Read online this: False Negative (Hard Case Crime #107), Victims Of Violence.

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