Perfection of Yoga

PDF EBook by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda

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Powerful. Perfection of Yoga PDF EBook Dummies like me who pick up this pretty book expecting to learn about postures are reminded that meditative, devotional yoga is a spiritual practice. This tiny volume packs quite a punch:

"The actual perfection of human life lies in being always Krsna conscious and always being aware of Krsna while performing all types of activities."

"The profits of one's labor in the material world is to gratify one's senses. But a real yogi does not desire such fruits. He has no desire other than Krsna, and Krsna is already there."

We can labor for material rewards but where does that get us? We die and our possessionsand other sensual rewards are left behind, and without ever knowing true happiness. But for the person whose mind is on God and whose actions are devotions to Him, this person takes his spiritual progress into the next life. So the purpose of yoga is to take us down a spiritual path whereby we grow ever closer to Krsna.

The author reminds us that we are not master of our own life and relationships, but servant. By our own actions, we are not even fathers and mothers. "Merely by sexual intercourse a living thing cannot be begotten. The living thing must be *placed* in the emulsification of secretions." God is everywhere.

Believe these things or not, but the little book is a lovely reminder that yoga is born of serious spiritual searching by men who devoted their lives to finding God. Something to kept in mind while breathing through our downward dogs. Like this book? Read online this: Simplify Your Spiritual Life, YOGA FOR DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY (Yoga 4 Every Body!).

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