Personal Fouls

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Garbage, garbage, garbage. Personal Fouls PDF EBook Did Jimmy V have control of his players? I do not think so. I think he was not the best coach when it came to maintaining situational awareness around some of his players. But was he the person portrayed in Golenbock's book? Absolutely, positively not.

This is a MUST- PDFREAD for anyone thinking of pursuing a career in journalism. This is what NOT to do.Do not base an entire book on the bitter and acrimonious ramblings of a walk-on who has a grudge because he did not get much playing time. Do not make wild assertions without any semblance of fact to back it up.

Above all, go to your nearest community college and pay the first English major you see fifty bucks to spellcheck your manuscript.

It is that bad. The pages Amazon lists in their preview window are a great example. This is hack journalism at its most acute and its most damaging. Like this book? Read online this: Garbage and Recycling, Making it Personal (Personal, #1).

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