Perspectives on Christian Worship

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B& download; H has a nice series titled "Perspectives" where they get scholars to write out their reasons for why they believe/practice what they do. Perspectives on Christian Worship PDF EBook Varying from your child's education, to Church government, to this particular book on Worship.

Covered in this volume are 5 views of on worship:

Timothy C.J. Quill - PDF Liturgical worship
Ligon Duncan - Traditional evangelical worship
Dan Wilt - Contemporary worship
Michael Lawrence and Mark Dever - Blended worship
Dan Kimball - Emerging worship

J. Matthew Pinson is the editor for this volume. With a noticeable contribution via his solid, informative introduction.

Timothy C.J. Quill (liturgical) will give you good insight into Lutheran style of worship. He articulates his points well but I found in light of Scripture his arguments to be lacking.

Ligon Duncan wrote one of the better chapters in the book. Tackling the importance of corporate worship and what it should look like.

Dan Wilt arguing for contemporary worship has seemingly (at least somewhat) bought into the whole "engage the culture" mentality. Lawrence and Dever write an excellent response to his section.

Lawrence and Dever writing on blended worship do a good job of explaining exactly what they mean by "blended worship". They affirm that worship is a heart matter, that there needs to be unity and edification of the Body, and reverence.

Dan Kimball's position of emerging worship is summed up well by Duncan, "I appreciate Kimball's desire to reach out to the unchurched and meet them where they are, but I am afraid that this desire leads to an anthropocentricity that could dangerously do as much harm as good. The last thing we need is the church encouraging people to focus even more on themselves in worship."

Worship needs to be in "spirit and truth", not with "strange fire" so we need to look to His Word, not the culture or what other churches are doing. As with any book in this series, or better yet, any book period, I would encourage everyone to base their views on Scripture and test everything with Scripture. Men can formulate all sorts of arguments and sway the opinions of other men, but men can be, and often are in error. Scripture stands free from any error. Therefore study what God's Word has to say first and foremost. Like this book? Read online this: Worship in Spirit and Truth, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.

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