Philosophic Classics, Vol 1

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This book is my first step in reading works of the great philosophers themselves, rather than the many histories of philosophy I've hitherto perused. Philosophic Classics, Vol 1 PDF EBookNow I'll go on to volume II, which begins with Francis Bacon.

Reading this volume has been a thrilling experience.To read the actual (though translated) words of such men as Plato and Aristotle, and even the legendary Pythagoras, brings one to the vanguard of those who wrestle with the major issues whose outcomes have determined the fate of civilizations — and are now determining the fate of our own.

This is an anthology of edited works, and, despite the generous selections chosen intelligently by Walter Kaufmann, I realize that if I am to continue my philosophical education, I'll have to move on to complete works, and even learn a little of the original languages.For now, however, I'm very happy to have read this. Like this book? Read online this: Complete Works of Thomas Boston, Volume 10 of 12, Classics.

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