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In this inspiring biography, critically acclaimed author Jim Murphy tells the unique story of Pascal D’Angelo, who came to America in 1910 at the age of sixteen. Pick- PDFand-Shovel Poet PDF EBook Like so many immigrants from southern Italy and other parts of Europe, he took on the only job available to him, that of a manual laborer building roads and railways. Though his life was difficult, Pascal remained optimistic and never lost his sense of wonder at the world around him. He yearned for an outlet to express his passion, and so, remarkably, he taught himself English from newspapers and poetry books, in the process becoming a respected poet himself.

Augmented with parallel references to other immigrant stories and accompanied by moving archival photographs, this story of one man’s life and noteworthy accomplishments is also a universal story shared by all American immigrants who helped build our nation. Source notes, bibliography, index. Like this book? Read online this: An Exorcist Tells His Story, Pick.

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