Pigs at Odds

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I've been looking for interesting and educational books that help teach math concepts for our girls, especially during the summer months. Pigs at Odds PDF EBookI discovered this book and really wanted to like it.I love the idea that it helps to show that the odds of winning a prize are different (and often stacked against you) at different carnival games.

But the execution of this book was so off.The narrative felt so disjointed that I had to keep checking to make sure I didn't skip a page.There were few explanations until the end of the book, but then it merely felt awkward to go back and analyze each page.

When I took another look at the book and really read the instructions at the beginning of the book, that was what the author intended.Read the story and then discuss each game and its probability of winning.This might work in a classroom, but it just felt awkward at storytime.

The illustrations are colorful and cartoonish and the scenes certainly gave the ambience of a carnival or county fair.Our girls liked the story and the pigs, and I liked having yet another opportunity to show just what how much of a money waster those games can be.Overall, I would grade the book three stars for the educational concept, but two stars for the flow. Like this book? Read online this: The Hilarious Adventures of Jass and Marble. ( A funny children book ages 2 - 6, fully illustrated kids short story book): The Case of the Missing Dog ... Hilarious Adventures, children's books), Art Against the Odds.

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