Places I Never Planned

PDF EBook by Aimee Bontreger

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What would you do if one day you woke up and didn’t remember your husband? Your house? Your life for the last five years?

Or what if your husband spent an entire evening flirting with an old college friend while you tried to reconcile an unwanted pregnancy and a miserable job?

What if you met the woman of your dreams, fell in love, planned a wedding—only to be left at the altar? What if you never saw her again? Could you start over, start fresh, move on?

The stories in PLACES I NEVER PLANNED follow the paths of individuals whose lives have gone awry. Places I Never Planned PDF EBook Martin is a writer, tortured by oppressive memories of his ex- PDFwife. Brooke’s fiancé download; abandoned her days before their wedding because he couldn’t handle her health problems. Jefferson tries to repurpose the pieces of his shattered romance by enlisting help from the media. Jean—well, she just wants her husband to do the dishes. And Annie? Annie is desperate to remember something, anything.

Amnesia, heartbreak, betrayal, disease—no one plans for these things. But life can be so much more than circumstances—if we will let it. Like this book? Read online this: My Husband's Woman, Science and the Planned State.

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