Platonic Stoicism-Stoic Platonism

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Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Series 1, No. Platonic Stoicism- PDFStoic Platonism PDF EBook 39This book examines the important but largely neglected issue of the intricate mutual influences between Platonism and Stoicism in the Hellenistic period, the Imperial Age, and after. Although this interrelationship is often termed "eclecticism," the authors of Platonic Stoicism reveal that the situation is much more complicated. Far from being eclectics, most Stoics and Platonists consciously appropriated material and integrated it into their own philosophical system. The dialogue between Platonists and Stoics testifies to active debate and controversy on central topics such as psychology, epistemology, physics, and ethics. Like this book? Read online this: It's Complicated (The Status Updates Series, Book 1 - YA Fiction), The Stoic in Love.

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