Plenty of Blame to Go Around

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This should probably be considered the definitive study of the Jeb Stuart's ride to Gettysburg in 1863, which for most of the last 150 years has been considered an important (for some, the most important) link in the eventual loss of the battle at Gettysburg (July 1- PDF3, 1863) for Lee's Army of Northern Virgina. Plenty of Blame to Go Around PDF EBook

Wittenberg and Petruzzi have done great service with incredible scholarship here. They place great emphasis on how easily horses get "worn out" on long rides such as this raid; download; besides the need for food and regular rest, they must be re-shod every 100 miles or so. Much of this kind of detailed information is missing from other examinations of this famous and controversial episode. In a final section of the book, the authors also give extensive coverage of the post-war arguments which arose over this incident, not only the contentious debate between ex-confederates, but including more recent historians and the sides they took. In the end, Wittenberg and Petruzzi exonerate Stuart of much, but not all of the blame for this strategic error. This is a must read for anyone interested in this event, one of the most well-known and controversial campaigns of the Civil War. Like this book? Read online this: The American Civil War (2) (2): The War In The West 1861-July 1863 (Essential Histories), Plenty.

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