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Francisca de Luarac, the daughter of a poor Spanish silk grower, is a dreamer of fabulous dreams. Poison PDF EBook Marie Louise de Bourbon, the niece of Louis XIV, dances in slippers of fine Spanish silk in the French Court of the Sun King and imagines her own enchanted future. Born on the same day- PDFin an age when superstition, repression, and the Inquisition reign-the lives of these two young women unfold in tandem, barely touching. Each hoards the memory of her adored lost mother like an amulet. Francica's obsession with her lover, a Catholick priest, will shaper her fate. Marie Loouise is yoked by political expediency to the mad, imptoent Carlos II of Spain. But even as their twin destinies spiral inexorably toward disaster, both Queen and commoner cultivate a dangerous, secret life dedicated to resistance, transcendence, and love. Written in gorgeous prose that has the sheen of silk, Kathryn Harrison's Poison vividly reminds us of the persistence of desire, the passion that exists between mothers and daughters, and the sorcery of dreams. Like this book? Read online this: Life Along the Silk Road, Poison Ivy.

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