Polish Joke and Other Plays

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This collection brings together four full- PDFlength plays from the same dazzling pen that produced the one-act comic masterpieces of All In The Timing:

Polish Joke is about a young Polish-American's trip through ethnic stereotypes. Polish Joke and Other Plays PDF EBook Nine-year-old Midwesterner Jan Bogdan Sadlowski, nicknamed, Jasiu, is told by his uncle that Poles are thought to be" backward, stupid, inept, and gloomy." The only way out is for Jaisu "to impersonate someone not Polish."

Don Juan In Chicago, called in which a Renaissance innocent makes a deal with the devil only to become a reluctant Latin lover.

Ancient History, this comedy-drama about the holy war that breaks out when two people from two very different cultures fall in love.

The Red Address, the searing portrait of a man with a secret who is forced by tragedy into self-revelation. Like this book? Read online this: The Polish August, No Joke.

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