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Well, this book contains exactly what it say on the tin. Poor Little Rich Girl (Diary of a Snob, #1) PDF EBook

Basically, it's the novel- PDFlenght diary of a snobby girl. Yeah, that sums up the plot pretty nicely. Wait, did I say plot? I mean story, of course, because a plot was nowhere to be seen.
Seriously, though, it's my fault. I should've known better than to pick up a book with that title. It's just that I have a soft spot for epistolary fiction.

I felt like the book was trying very hard to be as quirky and funny as Meg Cabot's The Princess Diaries. Sadly, it didn't even come close to the latter's hilarity and loveable peculiarity. For one thing, Diary of a Snob was about as funny as a movie starring Adam Sandler. The times I actually laughed can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Where Meg Cabot's Mia was cute and endearingly neurotic, Dent's Poppet is obsessed with money and looks (to be fair, Mia did whine a lot about her appearance as well), and she's neither book nor street smart, nor any kind of smart at all.
Poppet is naive, clueless, and escapist to a worryingly degree. Add to that her snobbery and her judgemental ways, and you get the picture. To be fair, Poppet did have a good heart and she got some much-needed character developement toward the end.

At first, she's downright TSTL, because she doesn't even know how to use a bus or the subway. DUDE! What's up with that? (People who do use the bus are apparently "peasants".)
I've been using public means of transport on my own since I was about seven. According to the book, I must be the Queen of Peasants then, because I even use the bus almost daily.

Character's names also puzzled me. Do people think it's cool if they name their children Poppet, Kitten, Vixen, Striker and Flash? I don't know, but my name is about as boring as they come and I don't even have a middle name.
Must be my solid middle-class upbringing.

What almost made me throw the book across the room, though, was the RANDOM CAPITALIZATION. People, that got old YEARS ago. It's not funny, especially if CAPITALIZED WORDS show up on every other page.
Poppet also tends to ramble and digress, but protagonist like Mia or Georgia Nicolson do that as well, so that's okay.

Kudos to the book though, for bringing a POC love interest into the picture. He's not white! He's not rich! Three cheers for interracial relationships in YA literature!
The romance was a bit rushed, however, because Kwame only shows up three-fourths through the book and Poppet falls head over heels for him.

And of course, even though Poppet describes herself as butt-ugly and plain, she has at least two boys (maybe even three) all over her. I'm plain myself, and I even know how to use the bus, so why aren't any boys camping on my lawn??

1.5 stars

P.S: That is one ugly-ass cover. I'm serious. Like this book? Read online this: The Salt-Stained Book (Strong Winds, #1), Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight.

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