Poverty In The United States

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A two- PDFvolume set written for a broad audience that probes the experience of poverty in United States history—its political, economic, and social roots, and the policies and social movements that have emerged in response. Poverty In The United States PDF EBook With the end of welfare as we know it, many welfare caseloads have lowered, but has the poverty level? How will current programs compare to the New Deal and War on Poverty before them? In order to develop better solutions, Americans must look to the past to understand the full dimensions of contemporary inequality. The two-volume Poverty and Social Welfare in the United States follows the political and social history of economic inequality in the United States. Editors Gwendolyn Mink and Alice O'Connor examine the conditions, causes, public attitudes, and political responses toward poverty, especially in the 20th century. From Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) to faith-based approaches, living wage campaigns to the World Bank, the volumes feature 300 A-Z entries contributed by historians, policymakers, economists, and advocates. This set addresses the core issues and experiences of what it's like to be poor in the United States for a broad audience. Critical progr Like this book? Read online this: The Politics of Social Policy in the United States, SS United States.

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