Prayers for a Privileged People

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In "Prayers for a Privileged People," this much- PDFpublished author sculpts as carefully as if with chisel prayers on behalf of those who are people of privilege and entitlement the "haves" at an urgent moment in our society. Prayers for a Privileged People PDF EBook The privileged face, on the one hand, the seduction of denial or, on the other, the temptation of despair. These prayers of wisdom and prophetic power remind us that when things go wrong, when we are afraid, and when we feel prodded by those who lack voice, there is a conversation we can have a conversation situated amid the promises and commands of God.
From the Circuit Rider review: "This is a beautiful collection of poetic and prophetic prayers, words to be prayed with, mulled over, pondered, savored and challenged by. For in this little text, we glimpse a side of Brueggemann we may not have known through his rich Scripture studies alone. Here, he draws on not only his extensive years of study and teaching of the Psalms and the prophets, but his own faith immersion in the church year and in the liturgies of the church." (Click here to read the entire review.)
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