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I loved that this book used the same characters, Monty( the policeman from Manilla who is determined to find and arrest the man responsible for killing his wife and child. Precious Cargo PDF EBook He helped rescued the two Americans from their kidnapping) and Julia Wentworth, an American widow, who works for a foundation in the US that helps the Philippine people make a better life by loaning them money to start a business. She was one of the woman kidnapped while trying to locate her boss' daughter after her disappearance in Manilla. She forms a bond with Monty, but returns to the US and doesn't contact him as she deals with personal loss.

Now they are back together in Manilla where the foundation clients have stopped paying their loans because they are saving their money for a hoped ransom after the disappearance of their children. Julia calls for Monty's help and the adventure starts when they discover the children have been kidnapped and planned to be sold along with some stolen automobiles, and drugs. They get the children back, but have typhoons, sinking ships, price tags on their heads that put bumps in the road. In the process they both realize that they do love each other and are trying to find a way to see the relationship work when gunman try to kill them and Monty orders Julia back to the states. She is torn to leave him when he is shot, but keeps her promise. After months of contacting by sat phone, the man responsible leo the lion, or Reyes is killed in prison, freeing them to be together again. This time the typhoon doesn't keep them apart. Love happy endings. I would love to see this story continue. Like this book? Read online this: Monty, The Annihilist & Cargo Unknown (Doc Savage, #26).

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