Princesses Don't Sweat

PDF EBook by Kaz Delaney

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You're an uptown New York ü download; ber groover who finds herself dumped in Australia with your mom and her Internet fiancé. Princesses Don't Sweat PDF EBook Do you...

a. Start to sweat. Like, what gives this strange guy the right to kiss your mom in public?

b. Hate the country on sight. Everything's backwards. They do Christmas in the summer. And your life is in mortal danger! Every critter with more than two legs has a hit contract out on you. Aaack!

c. Despair of your soon- PDFto-be stepbrother. Practical jokes involving sugared cockroaches are so not funny.

d. Meet the man of your dreams. Mitch is your own Aussie shake: one part Russell, two parts Hugh, one part Heath. That's high calorie loooove.... And if he'd only hurry up and remember your name you could start planning your fantabulous future together. (Helloo?! Keep up here! Do we have to do everything in Outback time?)

e. Find the happily ever after in this Never Never Land.

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