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There's been a rediscovery of Benn's work lately. Prose, Essays, Poems PDF EBook I've noticed a lot of mention of him (and a few translations) in Poetry magazine. I checked this out after reading a line from John Berryman's Dream Songs that mentions him (I think it went: "We are using our skins as wallpaper and/we cannot win, says Gottfried Benn." Or something like that.) Although it's been awhile, my impression was that his poetry is a lot like expressionism without a lot of the histrionics that usually accompany it; download; gaunt landscapes accompanied by a mordantly, cynically sociable voice. It didn't so much evince an aesthetic as provoke a dour mood.

I adored it, although I felt for a long time like I shouldn't have because Benn was pro- PDFNazi for awhile, and eventually joined the Wehrmacht as a doctor despite having had serious misgivings about the regime. It's a pity because I wish I still had this book around - his writing is pungent, and I guess he's been shown to have been a less willing participant in Nazism than had been previously supposed.

He may be another casualty of the difficulty in distinguishing between the things that happen to writers and the things that happen because of them; until I am given more evidence, though, I am going to choose to like Gottfried Benn. Like this book? Read online this: The Dream Spheres (Forgotten Realms: Songs & Swords, #5), Plays, Poems and Prose (Everyman's Library.

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