Prototyping and Low-Volume Production

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Designers are presented with a myriad of choices when preparing work for manufacture. Prototyping and Low- PDFVolume Production PDF EBook Whether professionals or students, they must be thoroughly knowledgeable
about how their designs can be produced efficiently and effectively.

Here is one the first books in a new series built on the authority of Rob
Thompson’s highly acclaimed Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals. Clearly presented and highly detailed, each book is organized into
three easily referenced parts: forming, joining, and finishing. An explanation of
each manufacturing process provides a full technical description; download; analysis of typical
applications; and information on cost, speed, and environmental impact. Step-by-step case studies show a product or component being manufactured by a leading
international supplier. Photographs of geometry, detail, color, and surface finish
complete the practical information. Like this book? Read online this: Management Basics for Information Professionals, The Production of Space.

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