Psalms, The Sunrise of Hope

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This book is your spiritual Swiss Army Knife. Psalms, The Sunrise of Hope PDF EBook Keep it handy, read it, study it, be familiar with the contents, and then pull it out for those times when life is confusing and raw. When you’re struggling with life, grab this book, turn to the Psalm that fits your moment and find hope on God’s lap. Christian hope is not a longing or yearning for God to help; download; it is not waiting for the slim chance that things may get better. Genuine hope is the confidence that God is in your life, now and forever, and that nothing can separate you from his love. Hope is the confident expectation, the sure certainty that what God has promised, he will deliver. This book examines ten Psalms that all have the common thread of helping us find hope in the midst of difficulty. I pray that as you enter into the emotions and experience the truths of these Psalms, you will be filled with hope as I have.
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