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Reading a play (as opposed to seeing it performed) has its drawbacks. Qed PDF EBook In this case, however, there are two excellent points in its favor — a fascinating main character who is marvelously developed by the playwright, and Alan Alda. It's easy to hear him speaking each line, giving himself over to the words, the spirit, the captured essence of scientist Richard Feynman and — by his own admission — being incapable of truly capturing Feynman.

The "QED" of the title is not "Quod Erat Demonstrandum" (Latin, "that which was to be proved," frequently written in triumph at the bottom of a mathematical proof) but "Quantum Electrodynamics," which was Feynman's primary field of study. At the same time, however, Feynman studied everything, proving and reproving the very essence of Nature to himself, repeatedly. In this play, we see the good doctor talking about everything and, in doing so, showing us how we are all experimenters, scientists, living beings who by our nature must question everything, including ourselves. In the end, we will probably never get even close the the whole answer, but the journey... the journey is (to spell the word as Feynman pronounces it in the play) in- PDFter-est-ing! Like this book? Read online this: Quarterback Draw (Play by Play, #9), I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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