Raccoons Are the Brightest People

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If you can get past the author's constant preaching about nature and the environment, this is an enjoyable book. Raccoons Are the Brightest People PDF EBook He really doesn't go overboard with it, but he makes his position known. I picked this book up for $1 at a used book store because I ran out of books to read and I haven't gotten my library card yet (just moved to a new town.) This gave me something easy and entertaining to read, and helped me relax after a hard days' unpacking. I learned a lot about raccoons, and honestly, if I could, I would get one as a pet after reading his stories. I had never paid much attention to how intelligent raccoons are, and they are not only smart but also personable. This is a sequel to the author's first book "Rascal" about his pet raccoon when he was a youth. I haven't read it yet but that didn't make a difference in reading this one. Like this book? Read online this: You Can Read a Face Like a Book, Ethan (Brightest Kind of Darkness, #0.5).

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