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An horrendous story, bravely told. Radhika's Story PDF EBook

I think the overall feeling I have, having finished this book, is that Radhika is one of the (lucky?) few who have survived the horrors and found a life after the terrible abuses she suffered. But, according to the figures at the back of the book, "Adults and children in forced labour, bonded labour and forced prostitution around the world: 12.3 MILLION", she was very much in the mninority. It is the reality of this huge number that is haunting me now, such phenominal suffering just to bring satisfaction to violent, inadequate men. It leaves me speechless.

Radhika was typical of so many naiive, trusting, young girls who want nothing more than to better themselves from a life of poverty. In this position they are easy prey to the traffickers who appear so caring and present such convincing offers that they would be hard to refuse.
Although we hear of such things happening, this book was an eye- PDFopener for me in several ways. Firstly, I was shocked by the theft of Rahika's kidney; download; I had assumed that these organs were bought from the donors - marginally better, but at least the donor stands to earn much needed cash from the transaction. Secondly, I was horrified by the tratment of Rohan, Radhika's son, who was used a bait to keep his mother obedient, but was himself atrociously treated.
The organisation that is helping her and Rohan to recover, Maiti Nepal, is doing wonderful work in many fields, from recuperation and education, to legal advice and prosecution of the guilty, but the response of the police to Radhika's own personal complaint was woefully inadequate. This book needs to be widely read to publicise the plight of these suffering millions and eventually to bring about change.


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