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Mem Fox is a great writer. Radical Reflections PDF EBook.of fiction books for children!
Please don't be fooled by her ideas on how children learn to read. She is wrong. A very small minority of children work out how to read on their own. All the best evidence based research categorically states that to be a successful reader one needs explicit instruction on how our alphabetic code works! This is not to say that they should be deprived of wonderful literature..far from it! Just don't expect them to be able to read it before they have learnt how to work out the black marks on the page.
There are plenty of great books pitched at children's developing phonic knowledge: books they love to read with words they CAN read!
Mem was at university way back in the last century, long before all the research came out..Sadly this book should have been withdrawn because it contains misleading information..Reading aloud to childrenwill not teach them how to read just as having them listening to lots of music will not teach them how to play the piano! Like this book? Read online this: Children's books (Picture Book for ages 3-8, Beginner readers, Bedtime story): Social skills for kids-Children's EBook (I Love to...Bedtime ... stories children's books collection 7), Radical Right.

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