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The book begins like any regular book with amrita pritam “resurrecting time” i. Raseedi Ticket PDF EBooke. narrating her story from the beginning (from her parents ‘premarriage’ days). And in 39 pages encapsulates 41 years of her life highlighting certain events of her personal life as well as the socio- PDFpolitical situation. Till here the book is quite interesting however by the end of the mentioned section she decides to do some ‘people-thrashing’, mainly from the world of ‘Punjabi’ literature (she chooses the word ‘contemporaries’) who have been unfair to her mainly out of jealousy or one lame reason or the other, one of the major being her reputation as an enchantress (though she assures us that it is completely baseless, however married men and bachelors alike can’t help falling for her). Initially it was a strong sense of sympathy that I felt but soon enough the entire thing started getting on my nerve. She devotes the next section to ‘literary/cultural exchanges’ i.e. places she visited as a writer representing India, her books that got translated and the ones she translated etcetera. This section apart from the difficult names is very interesting. However shedecides to return to ‘people thrashing’ again in the next part (actually she does it every now and then) and she sways between being subtle and outright mercurial. She also returns to another aspect of her life regularly,Sahir (the love of her life) and Imroz (her life partner) and Sajjad (it’s a ‘complex’ friendship) in that order.The poor first husband Pritam, like her daughter hardly finds any mention in the book. The relationship she shared with these three men areprofound and each in its own way very beautiful however Amritaji like many other things overdwells on Sahir a bit too much, she can’t stop gushing about him till a point comes when one starts to think it’s an eulogy on ‘love’s labour lost’ and not an autobiography on amrita pritam. However after Sahir’s death the void left by him is taken up by(and surprisingly so) none-other-than our then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Amrita also indulges in moral and philosophical topic throughout the book, the philosophical part ranges from amateur to fathomable to incongruous to abstruse to plain rambling where as her sense of morality is flexible and she is not one to follow the inane rigid social systems, she values honesty and truth over everything else. Perhaps the best part of the book is the writer herself and the dedication and love she has towards art in general and her art( the metaphor of the pen is used numerous times and beautifully, in fact it is her pen is the only ‘thing’ she wants beside her when she dies) in particular. She goes into detailed description of this art, which for her is madness, divine, dreamlike and mundane all at the same time. It is in fact what(according to her) has helped her live through all the crests and troughs of life. No doubt she is an artist par excellence.This is my first encounter with her work however the snippets ofher work that impregnates her autobiography are proof of spectacular literally endeavour. I look forward to reading more of her work. Like this book? Read online this: The Universal Letter-Writer; Containing a Course of Interesting Original Letters ... Which May Serve as Copies for Inditing Letters on the Various Occurrences in Life ... Also, a New Plain and Easy Grammar of the English Language ..., Ticket to Ride.

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