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This book was absolutely fascinating. Re- PDFVisioning Psychology PDF EBookI'm not sure I've ever seen so much squeezed into 230 pages.I will not even begin to pretend that I can fully understand the full magnitude of this text after one reading.Hillman is doing many things here: revolutionizing how we look at psychology; download; defining the true meaning and aim of psychology; exemplifying depth psychology; analyzing the history and importance of Greece and the Renaissance; unraveling and dissecting what makes us human; illuminating ways we get trapped by ego; arguing for a return to soul.And, after all that, his ultimate conclusion indicates that to connect psychology to soul it must not ignore religion.
There is no aspect of life, death, psychology, philosophy, sociology, psyche, and soul that Hillman leaves unexplored.

I leave you with some great summary, in Hillman's own words, that will hopefully inspire you to dig into this text:

"Chapter 1 ... was mainly a reflection from the imaginative psyche, the phantasia of the archetypes emerged. We saw there the many images of their persons, their appearances as mythical figures, as daimones and Gods.Chapter 2, mainly a reflection from theaffective psyche, brought out the pathos of the archetypes.We saw there that Gods are in the styles of our suffering ... shaping our case history into their myths.Now this chapter [3:], mainly a reflection from the intellectual psyche, presents the logos of the archetypes so that we may recognize the Gods and their myths in our ideas" (129).

From Chapter 4: "Thus the Renaissance achievement of spatial perspective reflects the main themes of this chapter: (a) the depth dimension of soul now entering the subjective structures of consciousness; (b) a new relation with the image and closer participation 'in' its 'reality'; (c) the silmultaneous apperception of the soul's multiplicity, its several points of view coalescing as perspective" (212). Like this book? Read online this: Bankruptcy - 10 Mistakes to Avoid (Includes 10 Key Essentials to incorporate when filing your chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy) (Includes 10 Key Essentials to incorporate when filing your chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy) (Ultimate Bankruptcy ... Fili, Evolutionary Psychology as Maladapted Psychology.

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