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Stargate SG- PDF1 premiered in 1997 and over the course of eight seasons, the show has developed its own unique mythological superstructure. Reading Stargate SG-1 PDF EBook It has blossomed into a series driven by fierce fan loyalty, with lively Internet discussion groups, the proliferation of "textual poaching" in fan fiction and art, and popular annual conventions. This book is a lively critical celebration of both Stargate and its spinoff, Atlantis. Its characters, themes, representations of sexuality and "otherness" are discussed, along with its interaction with fan fiction, its locations in Canada, its ideological framing of an American point-of-view, and tensions between its humanistic morality and military/political objectives in the shows' plots. There is also assessment of the currently fledgling Stargate: Atlantis. Written for both fans and scholars, the book also includes an episode guide to the first eight seasons of Stargate SG-1.

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