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We take our news for granted: that it will inform us about the significant people and cite the authoritative ones, reflect the world the way it is, and tell us why something happens as it does. Reading the News PDF EBook

Now, six working journalists, press critics, and scholars at the leading edge of media criticism have been specially commissioned to make the familiar act of reading the news into a fresh and revealing event. Taking the famous "five W's and an H" (Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How), the authors turn these questions back on journalism for the first time to show us exactly what to make of the press.

Leon V. Sigal

Who? Sources Make the News

Carlin Romano

What? Grisly Truth about Bare Facts

Michael Schudson

When? Deadlines, Datelines, and History

Where? Cartography, Community, and the Cold War

James W. Carey

Why And How? The Dark Continent of American Journalism

Robert Karl Manoff

Writing the News (By Telling the "Story")

For everyone who reads the newspaper, for the journalist, and for the media critic alike, these essays offer fresh, provocative insights into a centerpiece of American culture, the news. Like this book? Read online this: Working In T. V. News, No Bad News.

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