Red Robin, Vol. 3

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Tim Drake, aka Red Robin, has returned to Gotham for good now that Bruce Wayne has returned and has begun setting up his life. Red Robin, Vol. 3 PDF EBook And he's also making a list of targets, mostly bad guys, and begins taking them down. A new Anarky is out and about, taking down possible Red Robins, Tam Fox and Tim continue their awkward will- PDFthey-won't-they relationship, and Vicki Vale is snooping around Wayne Enterprises trying to figure out whether Tim and Red Robin are connected.

It's Volume 3 in the Red Robin series and I'm starting to warm to the character of Tim Drake in his own right, maybe because he's starting to develop his own world now with a cast of supporting characters and his own personality. The Bat Family is still there of course but Tim's beginning to become his own person now which makes for a more interesting read.

Maybe the only critique is Tim hasn't got a strong enemy to call his nemesis yet, no Joker. The villain in this is Anarky but he's dispatched with too easily, along with another would-be assassin, and while he and Damien continue butting heads, there's enough action going on to keep superhero fans reading but nothing too serious.

There's some cheesy teen romance stuff between him and Lucius Fox's daughter Tam, and the Vicki Vale storyline is kind of a red herring, but I found the book enjoyable enough. Maybe Gotham isn't the place for Tim to be? After all, as shown in this book, whenever he's in any real trouble there's Bruce, Dick, or Damien available to bail him out so for the series to have any real dramatic tension, that safety net needs to be removed?

Anyway, I like "Hit List" the best of the three Red Robin books so far and it's enjoyable enough reading with Tim/Red Robin beginning to distinguish himself apart from the other Bat heroes. It plays alongside the current Batman Inc. storyline without intruding on it so it's non-essential for Batman readers but fans of the series so far will enjoy this. Like this book? Read online this: Batman and Robin #9 [Blackest Night], Little Robin Redbreast.

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