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The REIGN Enchiridion is a digest- PDFsize paperback that contains the complete rules for Greg Stolze's hit fantasy roleplaying game "REIGN: A Game of Lords and Leaders. Reign Enchiridion PDF EBook" REIGN expands the frontiers of fantasy gaming by elevating the action to an international stage. Monarchs, mercenaries and merchant princes gamble armies and fortunes to win nations in a rich and vibrant fantasy setting. REIGN's simple but complete rules model the triumphs and disasters of societies as small as a village or as large as a realm-spanning religion. With REIGN, your characters can defend threatened nations, bring prosperity to desperate provinces, make laws and perpetuate justice... or, if you prefer, loot, conquer and pillage on a vast and awesome scale. Like this book? Read online this: Dark Reign, The Reign of James VI.

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