Reincarnation (The Legend of Snow Wolf, #1)

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The Legend of Snow Wolf: Reincarnation is a fast- PDFpaced, sweeping tale of epic fiction in the Wuxia (martial arts) tradition. Reincarnation (The Legend of Snow Wolf, #1) PDF EBook Warriors, battles, supernatural powers, prophecy, and destiny collide in a whirlwind of action, intrigue, and romance that links past and present. On the plains of the China/Mongolia border in legendary times, wolves and men fight for domination of the steppe. Suthachai, a young warrior, finds himself mysteriously poisoned. He will die a slow death unless an antidote is found, and all the clues as to who poisoned him point to the legend of Snow Wolf: once revered as a goddess, a great heroine, a master strategist, and savior of her people. Snow Wolf may provide the answers he needs to save his own life, but at what cost?

Embarking on a desperate quest to discover the secret of Snow Wolf, Suthachai becomes embroiled with the Dragon Lodges, secret and mysterious, who rule the land as enemies of Snow Wolf and stand in the way of his quest. Little does Suthachai know that Snow Wolf has already devised a plan—using him—to rid the world of the Dragon Lodges forever: if he can survive.

Fred Lit Yu lives in New York City. This is his first novel.

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