Remembering Simplified Hanzi, Book 1

PDF EBook by James W. Heisig

EBook Description

At long last the approach that has helped thousands of learners memorize Japanese kanji has been adapted to help students with Chinese characters. Remembering Simplified Hanzi, Book 1 PDF EBook Books 1 of Remembering Simplified Hanzi and Remembering Traditional Hanzi cover the writing and meaning of the 1,000 most commonly used characters in the Chinese writing system, plus another 500 that are best learned at an early stage. (Books 2 add another 1,500 characters for a total of 3,000.) Of critical importance to the approach found in these pages is the systematic arranging of characters in an order best suited to memorization. In the Chinese writing system, strokes and simple components are nested within relatively simple characters, which can, in turn, serve as parts of more complicated characters and so on. Taking advantage of this allows a logical ordering, making it possible for students to approach most new characters with prior knowledge that can greatly facilitate the learning process. Guidance and detailed instructions are provided along the way. Students are taught to employ "imaginative memory" to associate each character's component parts, or "primitive elements," with one another and with a key word that has been carefully selected to represent an important meaning of the character. Like this book? Read online this: 140 Characters, Electronics Simplified.

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