Rethinking Systems Analysis and Design

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Partial ContentsPart I: The New World of SystemsAnalysis and DesignMastering Complexity - PDF Problems, Solutions, and Systems Analyst/Designers - The Education of a Systems Analyst/Designer - Beyond Structured Programming - The Three Ostriches: A FablePart II: General Systems ThinkingWhat Is General Systems Thinking? - What Is the System—and Why Does the Question Count? - Interdisciplinary Learning - The Two Philosophers: A FablePart III: ObservationCan Observation Be Learned In the Classroom? - The Natural History of White Bread - The Railroad Paradox - The Dog Who Read Fables: A FablePart IV: InterviewingA Surefire Question - Self-Validating Questions - "The Question Is. Rethinking Systems Analysis and Design PDF EBook . ." - Avoiding the Plop Problem - Avoiding Communication Problems through Generalization - The Fairy and the Pig: A FablePart V: Design PhilosophyA Simple View of Design - Thing versus Process—The Grand Dichotomy - The Three Bs - Design for Understanding - On the Origins of Designer Intuition - The Goat and the Hippo: A FablePart VI: TradeoffsOptimitis and the Tradeoff Concept - Tradeoffs—Quality versus Cost - Trading Analysis for Design - A Tradeoff View of Error Correction - A Cribbage Lesson - The Water Moccasin and the Waterproof Moccasin: A FablePart VII: The Designer's MindDesign as a Human Activity - Design—The Reality and the Romance - How to Find Miracles - A Postscript on Miracles - The Confusion Technique - Wiggle Charts—A Sketching Tool for Designers - Featuring Failure - A Rose and a Rose: A FablePart VIII: EpilogueAppendix: Description of the Black Box SystemBibliographyIndex Like this book? Read online this: Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design, Rethinking Civilizational Analysis.

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