Return to Shalott (Shalott, #2)

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Against her better judgment, Callie is persuaded to re- PDFenter her father's virtual reality program in order to save the life of Howell's friend. Return to Shalott (Shalott, #2) PDF EBook But instead of reversing recent events, Callie, her sister El and their friends Stephen and Howell find themselves back in Camelot. Just as they meet up with their old friend Lev, Sir Bors' squire is thrown from a horse and dies. Accident - or the result of two Howells confronting each other across the centuries?
With Howell now blaming himself for two deaths, the teenagers become caught up in all the danger and intrigue marking the last days of Camelot. Callie's courage is tested to the limit as Morgan le Fay uses her terrifying dark arts to keep her from her true love, Lancelot, while Guinevere resorts to cunning and deceit in her determination to win Lancelot and conceive with him an heir for Camelot. Desperate to keep the ancient faith alive at court, Guinevere invokes the help of the Mother Goddess - and pays the penalty when the Christian Arthur sentences her to burn, along with the 'pagans', El and Stephen. It's up to the teenagers to find a way to save themselves (and Guinevere) from death as they realise that Camelot is doomed, and that Callie will lose Lancelot for ever.
As in 'Shalott', once again Australian teenagers interact with characters and events detailed in Malory's 'Le Morte d'Arthur', giving new insight into an old legend while also exploring issues of concern to teenagers today. Like this book? Read online this: Guinevere Evermore (The Guinevere Trilogy Book 3), The Return.

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