Revival of the Fittest

PDF EBook by Philip B. Meggs

EBook Description

New technology has dramatically upgraded the appearance and encouraged the proliferation of many contemporary versions of the great classic typefaces. Revival of the Fittest PDF EBook This volume, from the publishers of Print magazine, explores the phenomenon creating a surge of interest in these revivals. Illustrated with digital versions of Bodoni, Caslon, Baskerville and others, these faces are contrasted with their mechanical originals in settings for magazines, books, ads and Web sites. Also included are interviews with leading typeface revivalists such as Jonathan Hoefler, Tobias Frere- PDFJones and Matthew Carter who comment on the appeal of their versions of these faces, as well as type designers such as Johnathan Barnbrook who have been influenced by the classics in developing exciting original creations. With innovative applications of the featured faces, the book seeks to demonstrate that classic means cutting edge in the digital age. Like this book? Read online this: The New Versions and the Doctrine of the Word, Flashpoints of Revival.

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