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The appetite for anecdotes and explanations of Richard Feynman's ability to make physics attractive is immediately satisfied in this unique biographyThe day Richard Feynman died, students at the California Institute of Technology hung a banner across the face of its library that read, simply, "We love you, Dick". Richard Feynman PDF EBook To students of physics all over the world, Feynman was living proof that to lead a life in science you do not need ice water for blood and the mind of a Cray computer. This was a man who combined practical joking, safe- PDFcracking, and bongo-playing with superlative teaching and brilliant insights.

Although everyone knows that Feynman was a great scientist, few people could tell you even the name of the work for which he is acknowledged. The name of Hawking is associated with black holes, Darwin with evolution, Einstein with relativity. But Feynman? He was just a "scientist", which is ironic since his greatest work was actually in the area of quantum electrodynamics, a subject of enormous fascination to non-scientists today.

Arguably the greatest physicist of his generation — and undoubtedly one of the most eccentric — Feynman's contributions are well illustrated in "Richard Feynman: A Life in Science", and readers are sure to grasp his remarkable contribution to scientific understanding through the book's friendly and accessible style.
— The biographical format offers an excellent way for non specialist readers to explore one of the more complex worlds of science.
— Richard Feynman's own collection of essays Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman was a national bestseller Like this book? Read online this: The Life Of Richard Hooker, Richard III.

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